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Team Lewis - Running for nature



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This is for the tough individuals who want a glimpse and to experience the feeling of being a competitive dog musher, a rugged musher!

This tour can be done by a maximum of two adults. You can handle your own sled the entire time if you wish.

We stick together throughout. We take breaks along the way. The dogs get snacks, and we enjoy homemade food, biscuits, and hot drinks. When we return to the kennel, we take care of the dogs and ensure they are comfortable before calling it a day. Hot drinks and uneaten homemade biscuits from the trip will be served if you desire a short break before getting into the car. This is a long and demanding day behind the sled, with many hills, and the weather conditions play a significant role in how long it will take. This can last up to 8-10 hours. It will be a trip around the entire Synnfjellet. With Synnfjellporten as a possible overnight stay, it's an excellent combination.
We have hammocks and reindeer skins to lend if you want to spend the night at the kennel.

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As we say here in Norway; "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes."

Here are some tips and recommendations on winter clothing to keep you warm on our trips:

1. Inner layer: should be something that breathes, I recommend wool. Do not use cotton!

2. Thicker layers: I recommend wool, but you can also use fleece.

3. Last layer: windproof jacket and trousers, sometimes waterproof too, in mild conditions, but remember that it must be breathable material. Recommend a good hood where it goes in front of the face. Then you get the best protection for your face

4. A thicker jacket is fine to bring, which you can adjust by taking the jacket off and on. Here I use a down jacket, but a padded winter jacket or parka is also fine. This is especially good for the long trips, peak trips, Snaufjellet, overnight trips. A good hood that goes in front of the face is also something to think about as hoods (especially with fur trim) stop the wind from cooling the face. (I have a couple of parkas I can lend!)

5. Wool socks, maybe even two, if the shoes allow it. If it is too tight, it will have the opposite effect. It is important to be able to move your legs, otherwise they will get cold.

6. Good winter boots that are tight and not too tight!

7. Good warm and windproof hat and mittens. Do not wear gloves! I recommend having thin woolen gloves to use inside the mittens or keep it in your pockets, for use when handling the dogs.

8. Wool collar/collar to cover the skin from the weather and wind.

9. Snow goggles, not a must, but I recommend if it's very windy and snowy at the same time.


    Haugtun is 30 minutes from us. They are a historic farmstead with roots dating back to pre-Christian times. Eight buildings surround the yard, one of which is a farm boarding house.


    Synnfjellporten is 5-10 minutes away from us. They rent out cozy cabins that you can spend the night in. Here you have access to hiking trails, ski slopes and fishing lakes. In addition, they have a mountain inn. The menu varies according to the season, but the basis is good home-cooked food.


    Gamlestølen is 50 minutes away from us. Gamlestølen has pleasant cabins for hire with direct access to cross-country skiing trails, alpine centre, hiking trails, hunting, fishing lake, berry and mushroom tours. In addition, they have a mountain stogo where you can eat local food.

    The old chair 

    Spåtind fjellstue har mange overnattingsmuligheter og ligger bare 20 min unna. Du kan ha fra billig og basic til mer comfort hotellrom. Eller du kan leie hytter så vel som studio leiligheter. Du har og mulighet til badstue og basseng, restaurant, 300km med langrennsløyper, akebakke, cafè, utendørs sauna, TV-stue, peisestue.

    Spåtind fjellstue