Don't my kids deserve some royal love?

Don't my kids deserve some royal love?

Once upon a time, there lived a young musher woman in the mountains of Norway. She had many kids walking on four legs, often referred to as dogs. These kids had different personalities. Some kids behaved, while others were more on the naughty side sometimes.

Even though the young musher wanted to please her kids, after all, they had more than once had to drag the young musher's body around on their adventures together. Shouldn't they get pampered up a bit?

Because of that she would allow the kids inside, and give them the opportunity to cuddle inside and even sleep inside. Especially if the kids had sustained injuries.

But no bed was good enough for the kids.

Either they would sneak into the bed or to the sofa and sleep there instead. The naughty kids sleeping in it would take it a step further and destroy the bed as it was not comfy enough. And in their opinion, something had to be done about that. It might have been too cold, too thin, too itchy. They never really said, just left a trail of demolished dog beds.

As the young musher was swimming through padding there was a knock at the door. As she opened the door a big box came visible to her. What could it be?

A note saying: Durable padded bed, that can be used inside as well as outside. 12 months biting warranty, therefore a very risk-free experience. Made to last and made for comfortable dreams.

Are your kids up for the task?

The young musher couldn't believe it. It was too good to be true. She soon finished setting up the bed and let her kids try it. The youngest kids let their heads sink into the comfort of the furry top cover. The thick soft padding let them sink into the bed and soon after they fell asleep.

The young musher looked at her kids. She couldn't believe it. They are sleeping. Choosing this bed. She just had to try it to see why. She crawled up onto the bed with the kids, and at that moment she drowsed off into the dreaming world.

Over the summer we, Team Lewis tried out a new dog bed from Ambient Lounge.

Back in the day you usually bought things that would last forever. But today you buy expensive things that usually last a year or two. This isn't the case for Ambient Longe. We have only had it for one summer, but they claim it is made to last for 30 years or more. That is more than what my dogs will live. They are so sure that their material will withstand dog's teeth, that they have a 12-month warranty too.

We have used this bed for the most part outside. Even me, the human. It is super comfy, I can confirm that, and would really like one for me too now. You could catch me using the dog bed from time to time. So far the bed is still alive!

This is what we have found out:

- First of all, the bed is super comfortable. For me and for the dogs too. I haven't had an issue with my dogs not wanting to use it. I did read a review that someone had that problem, ambient lounge then recommends taking out some of the beans to lessen the "hardness". My opinion here is that the dogs will just get a bigger pothole with fewer beans. Not sure if that makes the bed softer. But your dog might like it better.

- The bed is easily put together. The instruction manual is with the bed if you are unsure. I was curious about how to get the beans in the bed, but the zipping system makes it easy.

- I haven't washed the bed yet, but according to Ambient Lounge, you can wash the top and the bed in the washing machine. To wash the bed you need to pour the beans back into the original bag that they came with. Just use the zipping system. So keep the bag, don't throw it away.

- I only have one top cover for my dog ​​bed. But Ambient lounge gives you the opportunity to buy others that you can change it into. Either while you wash the other top cover or you as a person would like something different. You can also choose between a fake fur top cover or one without fake fur, but is softer than the bed's rough materials. I have talked to someone where their dog managed to destroy the zipper of the bed. They did get a new bed since it happened within 12 months. Unfortunately, the dog destroyed the zipper of the bed again after 12 months. The dog still uses and loves the bed without the top cover.

- It is waterproof in a way. Water gathers in the pothole that the dogs made by laying there. You can pour the water off but keep in mind that the bed still takes up water into the bed. This bed is a bean bag bed. the beans don't lose shape. the water just takes up the air space between the beans. Well, that is at least what I believe is happening. You can always let it dry outside. The water inside will filter out, probably because of the filter hidden behind the handle of the bed. But if you can't wait until nice weather to bring the bed inside, the handle is very durable and you can hang it up by the handle in a dry space.

- Another thing I notice and love as I tried the bed myself. Our yard has a lot of ants crawling all over the place. I can't explain why, but the ants didn't bother me there. I don't know if the materials are slippery for them, or if the color of the bed has something to say. I just know. They were never bothering me while using the bed.

- The bed has a handle, so this bed is easy to bring along on your trips. It does take place though. You can't really pack it up to a smaller bed. BUT.... because of the thick layer of beans that also creates a lot of air between the beans will make the bed warmer to lay on than the cold ground. This principle is used during winter when you want to keep warm with wool clothing. Static air space is the clue for good isolation. That is why my dogs now that autumn is here, choose this good dog bed to keep their butts warm.

There will always be pros and cons to every piece of equipment you have to buy. There are cons to this bed too, but for me so far there are a whole lot more pros than cons. Even though the price is up there I think this bed is giving your dog the royal experience that could last their whole life. Besides, the bed is handmade by tailors in Italy. I have always looked at handmade products, as products made with love. Love comes from how much people put into their work. Not what machines do to replace the loving people to get the price down. This is probably why the price is as it is.

I hope this helps your decision on what bed to get for your furry friend. Hey, there is stuff for you too at Ambient Lounge. Just take a look.

I can't give you a bed, but I can give you a coupon code that reduces the price with 7% (only for Norwegian buyers) It helps a little bit off the price. Just use the code: DOGSTHATMUSH

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